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Welcome Back!

You're here because you purchased Queen Annwynn's Own Blend or King Gregory's Blend at the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival in Greenville, Alabama and you want some more.

Or maybe you smelled it and didn't buy it and now you're regretting your decision.

soapmakers to the Royal Court - sign

Either way, a few months ago you would have been out of luck until next March, because while we are indeed the soapmakers, the King and Queen themselves helped develop those scents and as citizens of the Kingdom we are bound by their desire that their soaps only be available in the Kingdom of Dragon Croft.

map of the Kingdom of Dragon Croft


by Royal Decree it is the wish of our Gracious Majesties King Gregory and Queen Annwynn that all who experienced their namesake soaps while visiting the Kingdom and wish to purchase them shall be able to do so.

Here's How

  • Go to our Online Store
  • Go to "Soap & Lotion" and then "Goat Milk Soap"
  • Choose the total bars you want - 2 bars of Queen's Blend = 2, 2 bars of Queen's plus 2 bars of King's = 4, and so on
  • For Scent choose "ALMFF"
  • Check out normally

When we see the ALMFF scent choice on your order, we'll email you about which blend(s) you want, and we'll get them in the mail to you as soon as possible.

Gramercy and we'll see you next March!


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